Covid Policy

Please read carefully the information provided below as to the new measures we are implementing at HGC.

New HGC Policies Relative to Covid-19

  1. Your Gymnast’s Health Prior to Class

    1. Do not bring a student to class who has been exposed to a confirmed Covid-19 case for a minimum of 14 days
    2. If you child has experienced any of the following health issues within the last 48 hours: please wait a minimum of at least a week after the symptoms have ceased before sending them to class. We will be checking temperatures with an infrared thermometer prior to entry for all staff and gymnasts and anyone displaying a temperature of above 37.7 will not be allowed access.- New continuous cough, a high temperature and or a loss or change to taste and smell
  2. Parent Viewing & Drop Off/Collection Procedures

    1. If at all possible, we recommend dropping off your child and then picking them up at the end of class, there is a viewing area, but this will be limited, and social distancing guidelines will be in force.
    2. All Gymnasts must line up outside and wait for their coach to come to the door.
    3. Gymnasts can be collected at the fire exit to ensure a one-way system is maintained.
  3. Students need to come to class already dressed in their gymnastics attire.

    1. Please have the students bring a small named bag in which to keep their shoes, water (only), personal alcohol gel and necessary equipment.
  4. Class Format Distancing and Sanitizing

    1. Warm Up: During the Warm Up students will be in their own area with 1m of separation.
    2. Event Rotations:
      1. Students will sanitize their hands as they rotate to the next station.
  5. Toilets

    1. If at all possible, please have the gymnasts to wash hands and use the toilet at home before class. The toilets will be cleaned between sessions. If a child does need to be taken to the toilet, the gymnasts will be asked to wash their hands and use hand sanitiser before re-entering the gym hall again.
  6. Pit

    1. The pit at HGC will be closed until further notice. Wipeable mats will be placed on top as a landing area.
  7. Masks

    1. These will be available for staff use if deemed necessary, if you wish for your child to wear a cloth mask please ensure they have it with them.
  8. Spotting

    1. Spotting is when a coach physically helps a student perform a skill.
    2. Spotting involves contact, that is breaking the 1m distancing rule and we will not be able to spot skills unless the guidance changes.
  9. HGC Enhanced Cleaning Policies

    1. Gym equipment wiped down between timed sessions, and at any other interval deemed necessary by use.
    2. On a monthly basis the gym will be sanitised by a fogging machine to enable all areas to be reached – this is using a proven anti Covid cleaner.
  10. Student Behaviour

    1. Students who are unable to follow instruction, keep to the social distancing rule, who attempt to mix bubbles by not remaining in their designated area with their coach will be asked to leave the class and the parents contacted. This is in addition to the gymnast code of conduct that can be found on the parent’s page.